About Ernie

Woodturning produces creative wood objects, expressing the artistry of the turner and the beauty of the wood. Ernie first experienced the art of woodturing in high school. As Ernie neared retirement, he returned to woodturning, enjoying the satisfaction of turning a raw block of wood into something beautiful, useful and enduring.

Today, Ernie has a studio full of tools, wood blanks, turnings in various stages of completion, a wood kiln to dry the wood, and lots and lots of shavings! His creations include wooden bowls, vases, salt and pepper grinders/shakers, cheese trays and platters, Christmas ornaments, thin stem goblets with captured rings, and presentation gavels.

The wood used for these items is salvaged from tree trimming and wind damage, using a resource that would otherwise be wasted.

Ernie enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience in woodturning with others. He has taught classes https://ernieschuette.wordpress.com/bowl-turning-class-information/ on turning wooden bowls at Johnson’s Workbench in Charlotte, MI for over 12 years.

The artistry of wood turning brings passion, experimentation and the joy of working with natures beauty found inside each tree. Unlocking the inner beauty of wood through turning is a wonderful journey resulting in unique, exquisite pieces of art.